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2016,Travel around the world with CEO Eric xiong

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Brady website Shenzhen reported on December 19.The CEO Eric xiong of Shenzhen Brady electric appliance co., LTD visited Kroea along with oversea sales manager Mike ,Footprints all over the country's economic flourishing region.Where did they go ? Whom did they visit?And What important results were obtained?Let Brady website show you, Travel around the world with CEO Eric xiong

--Foreign Footprint

CEO Eric Xiong and oversea sales manager Mike Kroea footprint around the whole Kroea 


Where did they go:From December 12 - December 16,Brady CEO Eric xiong and oversea sales Manger Mike Visited: Gwangmyeong International Co.,Ltd;Human & product Co.,Ltd; MYung Sung INC;Mima International;JIAFA Co.,Ltd 

 Eric and Mike have a long discussion with leaders of other company, and reach a consensus about this cooperation. By contacting with total 5 companies, Eric and Mike deepened the friendship and cooperation

Significant achievements:CEO Eric and oversea sales director Mike fly to Korea, visit the guest in order to enhance the cooperation of both, and move that economic relatlionship of both county into a new stage.Brilliant Footprint: CEO Eric and overseas director Mr Zhao, 6 days schedule in Korea. Visiting 5 Korean companies with great strength talking and intimate interaction with each company leaders. Extensive contacts and sincere exchanges and elaborate business ideas with all of them. And provided many suggests to contributed to a number of strategic and exemplary trial order.  

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