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Booth Crowded of Brady in 120th Canton Fair

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  On October 15,2016,the 120th Canton fair were opened in Guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center,shenzhen Brady was located in 2#hall 2.2 M13,we harvested quite a lot everyday,Brady looking forward to your visit!

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  October 17 afternoon, vice premier Wang Yang at the 120th Canton fair (China import and export commodities fair), and chaired a meeting of the national foreign trade work symposium ,Chun-hua hu, secretary of provincial party committee, governor zhu xiaodan, accompanied by related activities.Wang stressed that the current world economic and trade environment more severe complex, Canton fair is also facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, In-depth implementation of Xi jinping, general secretary of the important instructions for the Canton fair and Prime minister li keqiang memorandum spirit, sets up the development of new ideas, be prepared for danger in times of safety、strive to be strong, The innovation system mechanism and business model, better and stronger brand for enterprises to exploit market, in order to promote foreign trade positive and structure optimization and upgrading of stabilising make greater contributions. 

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   Brady as intelligent life appliance class leader, make its own products, attracted a lot of new and old customers stop to visit our booth, and put forward their valuable opinions and Suggestions, In the booth, our professional engineers and have professional sales personnel explanation seriously to the visiting guests, Let more guests at domestic  and abroad to a further understanding about our products, and constantly praise and to give us a high degree of evaluation and affirmation! Has been encouraged by our employees, Brady with its excellent quality and service win the favor of the market and the new and old customers at domestic and abroad with good reputation. Believe that only really good product quality can stand the test of time, can be in an impregnable position in the long river of time, become the industry leader.

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