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Hong Kong Customers , visiting our company

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      Shenzhen Brady electric appliance co., LTDalways adhere to the most sincere service attitude, the most reliable product quality, the most reasonable price as the goal for a long time,earnestly products production, sales, service and so on each link. Our company has strong technical advantage, a number of years engaged in research and development, production personnel. Under the joint efforts of all staff in the company, our company has formed a good reputation in the overseas market.  


      On January 5, 2017 customers from Hong Kong, YanYuan Kun and colleagues 2 people together come to my company on-the-spot investigation visit.  The relevant person in charge of foreign trade sales director Mike and Michelle attended the meeting. They make a detailed understanding of product performance, and then prototype into the exhibition hall do some function display, also concerned about the production capacity of equipment, production equipment, the management situation, both sides to discuss further cooperation between the communication and consultation, for the company's production capacity, equipment level, quality management system and other aspects ,they gave full affirmation and admiration, also puts forward some constructive suggestions. What a good news -that is the customer place one 45 full container for the first order immediately .For this meeting the two sides toward the future of the further cooperation has laid a solid foundation.

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